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For sale = Fanatec GT2

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For sale = Fanatec GT2

Post by HCR Karma on Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:14 pm

Hi guys,

Am putting my wheel up for sale,, as for some reason the bloody thing is conflicting with something in my home environment and as a result it periodically switches itself off.

Done loads of net research over this and i keep hitting brick walls,,,i have tried different firmware and still, the problem continues. I have just read that it might even be my xbox thats breaking down and causing the issue,,,,?????? fedup with the hassle now so am selling the lot and starting over.

Am buying a new xbox,(have a buyer already for my old one), keeping me pedals for the time being(they will also be up for sale very soon, as once i have bought my new wheel, next is the clubsports) and selling one of my GT2 wheels.

It works perfect when am public lobby racing, it just seems to be the odd time in an event that it strikes,,,could even be down to my fairly weak internet connection, or the positioning of the pickup for thr wireless on the wheel in relation to the xbox????,,am just at a loss. Sad

So, if anyone fancies the wheel gives a shout. As i say it works perfect 99% of the time, so maybe someone with more brains than me can work it out.

PM me if you want to find out more.

G Smile


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