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Show us your setup Empty Show us your setup

Post by HCR Karma on Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:13 pm

Hi Guys,

Been a while since we done this, but had the picture in my phone so thought what the hell...

I was wondering what setups people are racing on? I know some are wheel users, some prefer pads, some of them with mods?? So I thought i would be good to show and tell...lol

Am a wheel user, have been for years. Currently am running a Thrustmaster 458 Italia, with a 599xx alacantra/alloy upgraded rim (which is bloody lovely,,lol), and finished off with a set of T3PA pedals (with the conical brake mod which I have yet to decide if its a good thing or bad)

Here is my setup Smile

Show us your setup 2dh5f83

So, feel free to post up pics of where you race. Also, to the pad users.....i know a few of you guys run various little "mods" on them.....would be good if you were kind enough to share your findings with the community....

So...I have showed you mines....giz a look at yours Twisted Evil lol

Greg Cool


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