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Post by AndyT306 on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:20 pm

Race Permit Application

1. All drivers before registering for competitions must apply for an XPLR race permit http://www.xboxproleagueracing.com/t4-xplr-available-driver-numbers-race-permit-application

2. A permit will be approved once admin have checked that the race number requested is available, and that the driver's forum username matches their XBOX Live Gamertag.

Entering Competitions

1. Entrance to a competition must be made by completing the application specified within the competition forum registration thread.  Team entries if applicable will be explained in the competition information/registration forums.

2. Team drivers who have competed in a race must remain in that team for the remainder of the series. Privateers may form a team at any point during a series, but must adhere to livery rules.

Cars and Upgrades

1. All entrants to each competition must use a car specified from the car list on the competition page and must adhere to the build rules.  Once a driver has raced in one event in a competition they may not change their car choice at any point during the season (for competitions with multiple car choices).

2.  Car lists and build rules will be clearly specified on each competition page

3. Unless a competition states that stock builds must be used (this will be controlled in lobby setting) then a driver may use and store as many tuning setups as he/she wishes provided they meet the build rules.

4. In the event of a stewards inquiry, drivers may be requested to submit their exact build and tune set up in order to assist with any possible inquiry regarding infringements of the build rules.  We will use all tools available to us within the game to decide if an infringement has taken place.  In the event that a driver competes with an illegal build they will be disqualified from the event.

Race Liveries

1. All championships unless otherwise specified will run with race liveries. Mandatory vinyl groups must be applied, details of which are in the livery rules section.

2. Each driver’s livery must remain the same throughout each season, unless they are asked to change it by a staff member due to certain infringements.

3. Liveries may not contain material that could be considered to be racist, political, sexual or otherwise go against the terms of use for XBOX Live.

4. Liveries within a team must be the same with the exception that each driver within a team may run a different colour window strip background, mirrors or rear spoilers where possible.

5. If any participant or staff member notices an error with another entrants livery it is their duty to inform the CO for that event, so that the issue can be rectified as soon as possible.

Connecting to Lobbies / Race Restarts

1. If a driver has an issue connecting to a lobby then all efforts will be made to resolve the problem within an accepted time scale. All drivers should make sure that NAT settings are open.

2. The host may allow restarts where constant lag occurs but this is very rare.

3. The only other case where restarts may occur is if three or more cars suffer engine damage (as a result of a collision) within the first few corners of the first lap. This is very rare and although some drivers may not agree with the outcome of the hosts decision, it should be understood this action is taken at the lobby hosts discretion and will be supported by the site administration.

Driving Aids and Lobby Settings

1. All championships unless otherwise stated will allow the use of any driving aids excluding auto brake.

2. Drivers can choose full selection of automatic/manual/manual w/clutch gearbox options.

3. All championships are run with limited damage with collisions set to on unless specified in the competition rules.

Qualifying and Race Procedures

1. Teams/Drivers will be notified of forthcoming events of all types via the dedicated events section on the forum and possibly by private message or email (CO depending). Entrants are responsible for keeping themselves up to date with all competition information. These notifications will include tracks, race distance, type of race and all other information related to that competition.

2. All competitors must sign in for each event and do so up to 1 hour before the event start time. They must also be online and available to immediately respond to invites 5 minutes before the specified start time in order to assist with the smooth running of qualification and races. These invites will be sent out by lobby hosts and co's of the competition.

3. Where possible all lobbies will be set to invite only to prevent any unwanted players joining the lobby and causing unwanted interruption.

4. Once a qualifying session has begun all drivers must make their best effort to perform at least one clean time and must do so within the guide for that certain competition.

5. If a driver fails to complete a qualification session, their fastest recorded lap time will still be valid and used as their qualification time. This time will be taken from the Lobby Host's display. A driver who lags out of qualification before recording a lap time or whose attempts to connect to the qualification lobby are unsuccessful will be recorded as DNQ but will be allowed to start Race 1 at the back of the full grid. If they are unable to connect to Race 1 they may (at the host's discretion) attempt to connect to Race 2 and so on.

6. Following a qualifying session, lobby hosts will collect each competitors fastest certified lap time and sort into the relevant lobbies. Invites will then be sent to each competitor from the relevant lobby host in preparation for the race.

7. In qualifying, collisions will be set to off, but any driver not on a clean lap must give way to other drivers and must not block them visually in any way.  All drivers should attempt not to distract any other driver.

Race Conduct

1. A driver may not gain or maintain any position or time as a result of any departure. If this does happen the incident will be investigated by the stewards.

2. Drivers must ensure that 2 wheels remain in contact with the circuit at all times, exceeding this limit through excessive use of run off areas or cutting corners will result in action from the race stewards.

3. A driver may not consistently depart from a particular part of the course - any such action may be penalised by the race stewards.

4. Drivers must always ensure that when rejoining the circuit after any departure (Including pit stops) they do so in a safe and considerate manner, in all circumstances yielding to any approaching competitors travelling at race pace.

5. Drivers will never be penalised for departing the track in the event of an accident.

6. Drivers must not block during the race. Blocking is deemed to be making more than one defensive action across the track to protect their race position. Any infringement of this rule will be investigated by the stewards.

7. Drivers must give way when being lapped by another competitor on a higher lap than themselves. If the driver being lapped is actively battling with another competitor, all parties MUST hold position until the lapping car has safely passed. In all circumstances, drivers are asked to show consideration to the lapping car and to yield as safely as possible.

8. Unless due to an accident or human error, no driver may drive the wrong way up the track. If due to error then the driver must use the safest route possible to rejoin the track.
Offenders with no reason/defence will be banned with immediate effect from all races pending further investigation.

9. If a driver misses the pit lane entrance for any reason they must continue their lap on track and may not reverse or turn around as this would result in an infringement of the previous rule.

10. Drivers who make unnecessary or unusual manoeuvres in order to be unsporting will be penalised pending a steward investigation.

11. All drivers must follow the instructions of the lobby host in qualifying and race sessions.

12. Team orders may be used as long as they do not infringe any of the other rules.

13. While racing, verbal notifications between drivers are allowed but it is preferred to keep any talk to a minimum as some drivers find this off putting and may result in an avoidable incident.

Pit Procedure

1. Some race meetings may include 1 or more mandatory pit-stops during a race.

2. Mandatory pit-stops must take place in the time frame designated by the event rules or the lobby host. Pit-stops taken outside this period will be forwarded to a steward and penalised accordingly.

3. When making a pit stop, the driver must come to a full stop in the pit lane, if this does not happen a driver must re enter the pit lane on a later lap within the designated window.

4. If a driver sustains 10% or more engine damage during the race, they are permitted to make their pitstop outside of the designated window. The driver must declare that they are stopping outside of the window due to damage. This pitstop will be counted as your mandatory stop and the driver is not required to stop again.

5. Pit lane entrance and exit markings must be adhered to, no part of the car is allowed to cross the pit markings, use of rumble strips on pit chicanes is allowed provided 2 wheels remain in contact with the circuit. Please refer to the detailed pit entry/exit details specified in the rules section.

6. It is mandatory that when you make a pit stop you stay within the markings of the pit entrance and exit.  Failure to do so could result in a penalty if you are seen to gain an advantage or endanger other drivers by doing so.

7. It is mandatory that you announce that you are either about to pit or about to exit the pit.  This should be done by a simple announcement with your gamer tag and what you are about to do.

Race Flags

1. Race flags will only be used in certain circumstances.

Yellow Flag are called in the event of a large accident that may affect other drivers on track or where lag is present. Drivers will be asked to slow down to 50 MPH and stay in their current positions while the lobby host may move up or down the grid to check any issue. The host will then move back into position, cars will be asked to group up and a green flag will be called at a suitable time within 1 full lap.

Blue Flag must be called when you want to overtake someone who you are about to lap. If a Blue Flag is called against you, you must make every effort to allow the driver behind to pass without endangering yourself or the lapping car.

Points, Standings

1. The standard points system for each race is as follows:

1st - 100 points
2nd - 98 points
3rd - 96 points
4th - 94 points
5th - 92 points
6th - 90 points

Each subsequent position will descend in increments of 2 points (e.g 15th position = 68 points). Details of any change to the points system or of any bonus points will be specified within the relevant competition information page.

2. Some competitions may use a drop score system. This will be noted within the competition information.  If you miss a round you will be awarded a "drop score round" based on a % of your average score for the season.  

3. If a driver fails to complete a race for any reason, they will be unable to score points for that race. This includes lag outs and any other reason beyond the hosts control.

4. The drivers and team championship points table will be updated as soon as possible following each race.

5. If a driver feels the amount of points awarded is incorrect they must report it to the event organiser as soon as possible.

Discipline, Race Stewards

1. It is our aim at XPLR to provide a clean racing environment for all users and to achieve this the use of stewards inquiries is necessary to set the standard of driving we want to see at XPLR.

2. All members of the XPLR community are responsible for policing our lobbies.  Therefore any user can lodge a stewards inquiry for any given incident.

3. If you have a stewards inquiry to lodge please visit the steward section where you will find full details of the procedure


Failure to pit
Loss of all points gained for that race
No percentage discount is allowed with this infringement

Persistent corner cutting to gain an advantage* (Also relates to using run off areas)
Corner cutting is a very serious offence as it is basically cheating and therefore carries the chance of loss of all points for that race and reporting for abnormal behaviour for the most persistent corner cutting infringements. Less serious cases will not be dealt with as harshly.
No percentage discount is allowed with this infringement

Causing a collision*
20 point deduction

Pitting improperly*
5 point deduction (applies to entry and exit, 10 point maximum deduction)

Gaining an advantage as a result of departure*
10 point deduction

Rejoining the track unsafely*
10 point deduction

Failure to yield* (in relation to being lapped)
10 point deduction

10 point deduction

Abnormal behavior
No set deduction, offences of this nature will be reviewed by CO`s and may be passed on to admin for severe punishment.

Dangerous driving
No set deduction, offences of this nature will be reviewed by CO`s and may be passed on to admin for severe punishment.

* With any offense of this nature comes the possibility that either dangerous driving or abnormal behavior can be added for more serious offences.

Anyone who has any questions regarding the rules please contact a member of staff


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