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Question - race time

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Question - race time

Post by Bojorg on Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:44 am

Dyrlund and i were rly looking forward to This serie, hoping it would take place at the same time as the other wed. Race, is there a Reason all the Series are driven so late?
For us CET racers it means race finish is after midnight, and with Work the next Day, it makes it hard to commit to them.

I know its to late to dó anything now, but Linda hope u Will consider making race start at 21 CET



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Re: Question - race time

Post by HCR Karma on Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:34 am

Good morning Bojorg,

Hope you have had a good weekend. The series start time is something that is decided by the event CO and a few factors are taken into account.

Firstly, its taken at a time of day that firstly suits their own time contraints in relation to their commitments. Without the CO we would not have any events, so their needs should come first.

Secondly, they review where the vast majority of their player base are from, which in this case is GMT, rather than CET. As such a 9pm start time usually is recieved best as it gives players who dont finish work till say 6-7pm in the evening time to commute home, and get a couple of practice laps in before the events start time, plus maybe spend a little time getting food/talking to the family/feed the cat/ whatever is needed.

I can fully underdstand the time pressures on players from Europe. A 10pm start for you guys does make life a little difficult, however, we are working as hard as we can to streamline the process to getting pole settings/ lobby sorting and the like as smooth as we can to remove as much of the down time form the process as possible, so we can get the races sorted quickly, which will in turn hopefully take a small amount of the pressure off our european players.

Sorry we cant be more helpful my friend. This is not to say all events will always run at 9pm GMT, as i say this is a choice down to the CO in question and some do prefer the 8pm slot GMT. However, your comments have been taken onboard for future decisions and we will do our best to help where we can.

Greg Smile

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Re: Question - race time

Post by TomTom ZS on Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:29 am

I've mentioned many times before that I struggle to make an 8pm start time, perhaps on a Thursday cause I finish early ... !

But I know that Racing DK has the same issues as you do Bjorg, so I'm sure his next comp will no doubt be ran at 8pm. But unfortunately like Greg says, the majority of people on here is from the UK and use GMT for their comps.

That doesn't mean we don't/won't try and be accommodating though, i'm sure there are other CO's out there who are happy with running an 8pm GMT start time - so it's a little earlier for you Smile


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Re: Question - race time

Post by danfay12 on Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:18 am

Just looked at the calendar in the kitchen,its parents evening on Wednesday Shocked my son's is at 7:55pm so I'm going to be rushing home for the start at 9pm..


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Re: Question - race time

Post by Sponsored content

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