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STC round 3 - brands hatch indy post race

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STC round 3 - brands hatch indy post race

Post by HCR Karma on Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:19 am

Hi guys.

First off..thank you all for more excellent racing...the skill I seen on display was impressive....for such a close race in the wet to have so few issues is rare indeed....bravo all on the race craft..

As for the race.. I was not looking forward to that round...the BMW I felt was gonna be a monster to tame in the wet but as it turned out it was not too bad....I felt the 4wd defo hadtheedge on the heavy cambered sections... But the BMW gained on better turn in....so balanced out well.

For my own part....slight mess up...I forgot that the qually and one race were in the wet so never had a dry tune sorted..as such mycar was a bit lively to say the least...lol...but managed through..did not kill my race.....just made focus a little more trying...

Have to say...TJSteel and tormented were in a class of their own last night...rapid as hell!!!! Bravo chaps

And a shout to sydney......u had me beat guv....shame bout that tyre wall jumping out on ya though..lol...next time bruv Smile

Anyways..I had a blast... Roll on next week!!!


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Re: STC round 3 - brands hatch indy post race

Post by JVanEssen on Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:02 pm

I had a blast catching Acombs in race one after my turn two cock up.  Finally got to him and didn't heed my own warning and spun going through the lake.  Race two was great.  Raced hard up front for awhile to try and build a gap.  Wasn't enough to get to the sharpest end but did move myself up a few positions.   I will second the skill in this group.  Lots of respect from everyone.  So much more fun when your not getting bounced around. Its also fun to see some of our long time guys making the speed happen. I think race one was Topsys best finish to date. Nipping at a top 5 spot.


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Re: STC round 3 - brands hatch indy post race

Post by Daz190uk on Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:51 pm

I had a great time as always so thanks everyone.

I had very little time to practice the week though and it showed. I've been at least in the pack at the back but was at least 1 second a lap off the pace last night.

Roll on to a better showing (I hope) at Monza!


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Re: STC round 3 - brands hatch indy post race

Post by t0rm3nt3d 3vil on Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:25 pm

great racing yesterday, agreed the wet went better than i thought.
really enjoyed the battle with TJ, think i was holding him up for a bit in second race in the end Embarassed
team mate master donkey and i had a fair few laps tussling for 2nd which was great fun.
look forward to monza!!!

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Re: STC round 3 - brands hatch indy post race

Post by Sponsored content

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