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Show us your setup

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Show us your setup

Post by HCR Karma on Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:13 pm

Hi Guys,

Been a while since we done this, but had the picture in my phone so thought what the hell...

I was wondering what setups people are racing on? I know some are wheel users, some prefer pads, some of them with mods?? So I thought i would be good to show and tell...lol

Am a wheel user, have been for years. Currently am running a Thrustmaster 458 Italia, with a 599xx alacantra/alloy upgraded rim (which is bloody lovely,,lol), and finished off with a set of T3PA pedals (with the conical brake mod which I have yet to decide if its a good thing or bad)

Here is my setup Smile

So, feel free to post up pics of where you race. Also, to the pad users.....i know a few of you guys run various little "mods" on them.....would be good if you were kind enough to share your findings with the community....

So...I have showed you mines....giz a look at yours Twisted Evil lol

Greg Cool


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