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2015 BTCC Season 3 Race Day Rules and Regulations.

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2015 BTCC Season 3 Race Day Rules and Regulations.

Post by JVanEssen on Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:32 pm

  2015 BTCC Season 3 Race day rules and regulations.

All drivers must have a working microphone for pit lane lobby communications.

Race days will consist of a qualifying session and three races.
All series entrants will get a first invite a 7:45pm GMT.
All signed in drivers will get another at 7:50 and again at 7:55.
Qualifying starts at 8pm sharp.
If you are signed in for that individual race and missed qualifying you will be sent one more invite and will start at the very back of the grid.
Please join as soon as you get your invite as hosts will be waiting to see you join before adding more players.  This helps us massively if there starts to be issues with connectivity and seeing who the potential culprit is so we can try and remedy the situation immediately.

- Qualifying -
 Qualifying will consist of 7 laps. One out lap and 6 flying laps.
You will see 8 laps on the screen. When crossing the finishing line of your 7th lap please pull over and stop in turn 1 and wait for the lobby host to confirm your best lap time.  Tracks with lap times under 1 minute will have one more lap added to make up for the extra warm up lap needed.

- Race 1 -
  Race 1 will start in grid position of qualifying order quickest to slowest.
In the case of multiple lobbies being needed there will be one extra lap added for grid ordering.

- Race 2 -
  Race 2 will start in RANDOM grid ordering.

- Race 3 -
Race 3 will be started in RANDOM grid ordering.

Please remember to save any and all replays which you can delete at a later date.

If you feel you have been wronged by another driver during a race you will need to submit a Stewards Inquiry on the forums.  A replay of the incident must be supplied to the XPLR stewards for any issue and for the offending drivers penalty to be issued.

If a S.I has been filed against you, you will be given the opportunity to supply your side of the story.

All Stewards decisions are final and cannot be contested after the fact if you stay silent during the inquiry you must also remain silent after the inquiry.

Excessive corner cutting during races WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and carries some of the highest penalties that XPLR dishes out. (Corner cutting consists of short cutting the apex of the turn as well as excessive use of turn in and track out limits)

If you feel a driver is corner cutting excessively during a race please submit the S.I on the forums including the corner or corners they were cutting.

Each driver will be allowed a grace of three cuts per corner. Penalties can be as high as having all points removed for that race.


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